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How to Set Up an Ejabberd Cluster on Amazon EC2 in 6 Easy Steps

How to set up an ejabberd cluster on Amazon EC2 in 6 easy steps

17 Feb 2009 – Tenerife

1) Edit /etc/init.d/ejabberd

node=`hostname -f`


`hostname -s`

does not work here.

2) Edit /etc/init.d/ejabberd


-name ejabberd@$node

instead of

-sname ejabberd

everywhere. This applies to

-sname ejabberdctl


3) Edit /etc/init.d/ejabberd add mnesia_extra_db_nodes

See the start() function, find the line that says


and add the following right above

-mnesia extra_db_nodes \"[' ... hostname -f of a running node ... ']\" \

4) Remove the Mnesia db tables

cd /var/lib/ejabberd/spool && rm -f *

5) Edit /etc/ejabberd/ejabberdctl.cfg

Make sure you have this at the very end

ERLANG_NODE=ejabberd@`hostname -f`

6) Make sure your .erlang.cookie files are the same on all nodes

This will work with MySQL. Enjoy!